Bali Building Permit

A building permit is required for any building in Bali and globally all over Indenesia territory. The building permit in Bali is also knew as IMB (Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan). This license approved by the government, will validate the design of the villa or building and allow the owner to use his property as residential or commercial building. Learn more here about the steps to apply for a building permit and get all legal documents to finalize the procedure and finally get an official license regarding to a building. A “Building Permit” is related to an exact location, for a certain period and a particular activity from residential to commercial including farm production.

Preliminary Documents

In the left side, you will see the preliminary required documents to apply for a building permit in Bali and in all Indonesia.

IMB Procedure

In the right side, you will see the global steps to validate your “building Permit” or “IMB” until get your legal documents for your villa or commercial building.

Required Documents

The list of the required documents will be updated soon with all details.

IMB Procedure

All the steps will be detailed  soon with all details.

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