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Is Bali property a good investment?

Bali is one of the best destination in the world for investment. We are we so confident about this affirmation because Bali offer many advantages. The first one is linked to the location, Bali is located in Asia in Indonesia and tourists have a real interest with Asian culture and it is a low budget destination with high standard in term of services and quality of life. Bali is also the island of the endless summer with permanent temperature around 30°C (86°F), so al the year Tourists can enjoy beaches, surf and visit many different typical areas. Bali is principally for us a great place where Tourists are in direct relation with the Balinese culture and the happiness of the population. This part seems to be the reason why the foreigners still come back in Bali after visit Bali for the first time.

Bali investment opportunities?

There are plenty of investment opportunities in real estate in Bali. From primary residence, second home, vacation rental villas, yearly rental villas, buy for resell, build for resell; the real estate market in Bali is still in 2021 the best place to invest for foreigners. Every areas could represent a potential niche for investors and all will depend on the market they are targeting.

Where to invest in Bali?

Now days, we will recommend you few areas for your investment in Bali. First, Canggu is the place where everything is happening. Seminyak area is still the best place in term of infrastructure, accommodation and location for tourists. Sanur, Umalas, Jimbaran and Uluwatu offer different life styles and you will find there some great places to live with your family or invest in real estate.

Bali Villa Sale FAQ
Bali Villa Sale FAQ

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What return on investment (ROI) should be expected?

Bali, with its climate and reputation all over the world attracts millions of new tourists every years until stay in the best tourism destination top 3 since 10 years in most of the travel reviews. We can see that Bali offer a great return on investment for most of the investor from 8 to 20% maximum. This is not so difficult to reach the target of 12-15% even with a low budget investment. Ask us more about that, and we will send you all the information to crosscheck yourself these affirmations.


When to invest in Bali?

The right answer would be 30 years ago, the next best answer would be 10 years ago, the new answer would be yesterday and even today in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the real estate is now slowing down and you can get now days great opportunities and best deals. When the Covid-19 will be a part of our past, the tourists will visit Bali in mass after a while without traveling and Bali island will be the first place to visit. During this pandemic, investors are still building all over the island to be ready at the time the borders will re-open.


Who invest in Bali?

Everybody is able to invest in Bali as there is no only one stereotype of investor in Bali. Low budget investments have the advantages to get a great turnover. But luxury villas and hotels business also get buyers focus on the great return on investment that offer Bali real estate.


How to invest in Bali?

There are several steps to follow before be sure that Bali is the right place for your real estate investment. Many people were lucky and get success in Bali but there are plenty of investors who lost money also! Don’t think that any idea can match in Bali market. Bali is like any place in the world and from an idea, you will have to manage a real market study before analyze in details the real impact of your project in the Balinese market. Any success story started from a right study and Bali like other beautiful place in the world requires this basic analyze as a first step before any investment. Contact us today and we will give you the best advices according to your future project in Bali.


Is it safe to invest in Bali?

Like any business or investment anywhere around the world, there is a part of risk. But with the right partners and advisors around you, this potential risk should be reduce to the minimum. Now if you want to follow an atypic idea in a niche, you can also get a success with your own idea with a higher part of risk. If for example you would like to develop a shopping mall or an art center in Ubud, it would be difficult to get the validation from many advisors. However, it could become the best investment either with amazing return on investment in a short time that nobody could even expect. “Capital risk”, “Real Estate Investment” and “Genius Ideas” are the keys of success stories and no matter where it is happening. 30 years ago, nobody would even expect that Bali would arrive at the top 3-world class capital of tourism in the world.

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Can you own a business in Bali?

Of course, you can own a business in Bali and globally in Indonesia. Every business get its own regulation and rules but some sectors are only available for Indonesia citizen to protect the national economy. So before make a plan, be sure your project is allowed by Indonesian regulation. These limitations change every years and need the assistance with a professional advisor who is aware of the new Indonesian government.


Can a foreigner buy property in Indonesia?

This question is really frequent and of course we will answer you “yes” but you need to follow the rules and take a real attention with the way to organize it. According to the regulation of the Indonesian government, a foreigner is not allowed to control a piece of land in Indonesia. In another hand, the Indonesian government allows foreigners to access to the property by different legal ways like leasehold agreement (Hak Sewa), the right to build (Hak Guna Bangunan), the right to use a land (with different titles) and the right to access to the ownership as a permanent resident (Hak Pakai).


How can I live permanently in Bali?

This question is linked to your actual situation and few other parameters. What is your actual situation? What is your background? Are you financially independent or are you starting a new project in Bali? We already answered few questions previously regarding to the visas and the way to stay in Bali permanently, now all will depend on your personal situation and your projects. But globally the answer is “yes!”. It is easier than many other countries to live and stay in Bali and build you future business here than many other countries.


How much does it cost to build a villa in bali?

After you already bought a land, come the time to prepare the budget to build your house, home or villa. The cost of your future home, house or villa will depend on few parameters. First, the cost of the main building will start from 5,000,000 IDR by m2 until 10,000,000 IDR according to the finishing you want like to use for your building. If you decide to build a swimming pool, the cost will depends of the system you want to use between over-flow or skimmer. The cost of your swimming pool in Bali will oscillate between 4,000,000 IDR to 8,000,000 IDR according to the size, the swimming pool system and the pump room position (underground or not). The fence wall will also affect your global cost and the topography of the land will determinate the volume of foundation required. The quality of the soil has also a direct impact on the global budget of your construction project.


bali property ownership for foreigners?

Foreigners can buy properties by different ways with total respect with the Indonesian law. Some of the safe ways for a foreigner to invest in Bali are the following ones: Leasehold, Hak Pakai, Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) controlled by an Indonesian company (PT PMA) with foreigner investors and few other options according to the type of investment that is in focus.

Bali Villa Sale FAQ

Best Holidays Destination worldwide

In 2021, Tripadvisor choose Bali as the N0 1 Top Destinations in the world before London, Dubai, Rome and Paris. In 2020, Tripadvisor choose Bali Indonesia as the N0 4 Top destinations in the world. In 2019, Tripadvisor choose Bali Indonesia as the N0 5 Top destinations in the world after London, Paris, Rome, Crete. In 2018, Tripadvisor choose Bali Indonesia as the N0 4 Top destinations in the world after Paris, London, Rome. In 2017, Tripadvisor choose Bali Indonesia as the N0 1 Top destinations in the world before London, Paris, Rome, Crete.

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