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Amazing land for sale in the area of Labuan bajo flores

Beds 2 Baths 2 Plot Size 200 m² Living Area 180 m²
Beds 3 Baths 3 Plot Size 400 m² Living Area 300 m²
Beds 7 Baths 7 Plot Size 600 m² Living Area 500 m²
Plot Size 400 m²
Plot Size 1110 m²
Beds 3 Baths 3 Plot Size 250 m² Living Area 300 m²
Beds 3 Baths 3 Plot Size 135 m² Living Area 145 m²
Plot Size 175 m² Living Area 150 m²
Beds 3 Baths 3 Plot Size 500 m² Living Area 400 m²

PRESENTATION OF THE PROPERTY ‘Amazing land for sale in the area of labuan bajo flores’

The land located in Morombok, a area in town of Labuan Bajo 10 min drive from airport, 15 min from harbor.

Size (20 m×50 m) 20 on the road, 50 in-land. A total of 1000 sqm,With 9+ meters elevation, one owner on each side and government road on the bottom.Two entry and exit access, One is directly from the road, and second is more private, from the backside.

If you are going on a vacation to Labuan Bajo you can explore the various islands around Labuan Bajo from the island seraya, the island of angel, the island of Sabolo and kanawa. 

View looking at Rutang mountains from the east, a large valley, rice, and cotton plantation, the church, ect ….

Flores or Labuan Bajo is beautiful tropical island keeps its dynamic from unique arts and in addition the Local population makes the island totally different from other destination. In conclusion, as an investment or private home you will not regret to buy a land here.

Best price guarantee

Property Type Land
Ownership Title  Leasehold minimum 25 years/ possible 10 years
Land Size 1.000 m2 (10 Are)


Owner Currency USD
Opening Price 90.000 USD (negotiable)

For 25 years




Environment of the Flores real estate for sale

Initially in this part of Flores area, you will enjoy the proximity from the beaches and all commodities. And it provides the relaxing atmosphere that we all looking for in this Island.

This land plot is just a great opportunity to build your private villa or guest house.

Water, electricity, privacy, and easy access to town, has been the main issues there is, and to this day a major problem, to land, and home owners in Labuan Bajo, none of witch existing in this area.

Nowadays the government already facilitates all investment in this growing up area of Flores island

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Amazing land for sale in the area of Labuan bajo flores

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