Real Estate Market in Bali

Even with the tight economy around the world, the Real Estate value of Bali has grown steadily over the last couple of years. Indonesia has a stable economy and the new Government encourages residents and foreigners to invest in the Island of Bali. To this effect, even the interest rates of loans have been significantly lowered.

There has been a surge in the number of investors in the Indonesian population that have opted to build villas, condos and communities. This has consequently resulted in more interest from tourists and investors.


For foreigners, the available marketing strategy is more oriented to investment in already built Villas and the purchase of freehold lands to build a collection of villas and condos for rent.

In the current trend, Indonesian Citizens invests more in freehold properties while Foreigners mostly prefer to invest in long term rental or Leasehold (normally 25 to 30 Years with possibility of extension). 

The government, for 3 years back, opted to promote an alternative way for foreigners to invest in properties with ease via the rules of the “Hak Pake” that allows foreigners with permanent visa for one property only to access to the ownership of the land.
The government since 2015 organized a real restructuring of the access with many high ways, the extension of the sunset road and many new roads. The willingness of the Government to make laudable changes reiterates Indonesia’s attraction and call for more investments by both local citizen and foreigners.


Within 2014 to 2020, the prices of elegant areas like Seminyak, Petitenguet, BatuBelig, Canggu, and Umalas has grown up to 30 percent. The growth is a laudable achievement considering that only 10 years ago, these areas were surrounded by rice paddy fields and majority of the land largely exploited by farmers.

In only a few years, hundreds of luxury properties in Bali have been erected. This tremendous growth has made the real estate investment in Bali just as dynamic as anywhere else in the world.


Bali is a very geographically and economically safe Island with a lovely population of people who keep smiling and savor life with respect and peace. The area is guaranteed to make high ROIs and offers an opportunity for colonization with industrial and commercial prospects beneficial to both locals and Investors.

In just 2-3 years, the Island of Bali has changed significantly. With the changes come several high levels world-class restaurant a diverse variety of night life. This makes Bali a very interesting option to buy properties either as a first home, second home and also as an investment.
Bali with its famous Beach club like KuDeTa, Potato Head, W resort, La Lagun also injects a groovy and social vibe to the island, quickly shaping the Island as one of ‘the must visit places’ in the international scene.


Real estates with Bali rice paddy fields Seminyak, BatuBelig, Canggu, EchoBeach, Umalas, the Bukit, Tabanan, Lovina and also Ubud are now in the trend for local and foreigner’s investments.
Around Bali, we can see that now some others islands that are also a good place for investors. We principally notice that following parts on and around the island: Flores, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, Gili’s Islands, Nusa Penida and the more recently developed Sumba and Sumbawa.


Bali is famous for the mix of tourists that visit the island. From Backpackers to exigent tourists, there is no shortage of enrichment and enjoining in the Bali culture.

Indonesian citizens are normally interested by the land, hotels, condo and private pool villa, while most foreigners principally buy properties to own their own villa or a vacation rental.


Its 2020, and Bali is the place to invest. With a positive real estate market that gives a rewarding amount of ROI and tourism expansion, the new international airport and the improvement of the global infrastructure, there is much evidence that the government is involved to facilitate the arrival of investors in Bali island.

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